Equipment G to L

Gelatin Molds

You can get molds here: Analytical Scientific Inc.
You can many, many more here:

Deep Space Slime

Gloves, Welding

 Make: Northern Safety Company
Model: Aluminized Back Hi-Temp Gloves, 124-2452

 Price: $45.83

"Aluminized backing, over blended Kevlar and Thermonol palm, reflects heat away from back of hand for additional protection. Rugged 14" gloves, with 11 oz. wool lining, provide radiant heat and abrasion resistance. Protects in temperatures up to 1200 F radiant heat and 900 F short contact heat. Made in USA.

Grater, Box

Grater.jpg (8013 bytes)

Make: ???

bulletBroad Based Model with Handle
bullet4 Toothed Sizes
bulletBuy Big
From Whom The
Cheese Melts
Make: Kitchen Resources
Model: NutriMill Grain Mill
Price: $254
Just Barley
Griddle, Electric

ToastmasterGriddle.gif (5788 bytes)

 Make: Toastmaster
Model: 892 Cool Touch
 Price: $40

bulletElectric Thermostat
bulletWide Surface Area
Flap Jack Do It Again
Griddle, Electric

 Make: BroilKing
Model: Professional
 Price: $100.00
bulletLarge grilling area
bulletBig heating element
bulletLarge grease tray
bulletBack splash
The Man Food Show
Grill, Charcoal

Grill.jpg (8875 bytes)

 Make: Bar-B-Chef,
      Barbeques Galore
Model: Texas Charcoal
 Price: $599

bulletLarge grilling surface
bulletHood with thermometer and no window
bulletHeavy, wide grates
bulletA way to control the heat either by raising and lowering it or by
bulletAsh catcher
bulletAccess to the coal.
Grill Seekers
Grill, Propane

 Make: Weber
Model: Genesis  Silver B
 Price: $549.00 at BBQ Galore

The Weber Genesis Gold gives you a cooking system that's second to none and easy assembly as well. 3 separately controlled burners. Exterior Dimensions (with lid open) 61 1/2"H x 69 1/2"W x 33"D

Chops Ahoy

Ice Cream Maker

IceCreamMaker.jpg (6257 bytes)

 Make: Krups
Model: Gelatissima
 Price: $60.00

bulletCounter Top Model
bulletSealed Container Utilizing a Solution Capable of Delivering Subfreezing Temperatures
bulletAutomatically Reversing Motor
bulletAbout a Quart per Half Hour
bulletShoot for Adding Ingredients
Churn Baby Churn
Jar Lifter



  Urban Preservation


  Fruit 10 From Outer Space
Kettle, Electric

KettleElectric.jpg (7480 bytes)

 Make: Chef's Choice
Model: Black and
    Stainless Cordless
    Electric Hot Pot
 Price: $49.95

  Oat Cuising
Kettle, Tea

RocketKettle.jpg (22310 bytes)

 Make: Kamenstein Collection / Motion Kettles
Model: Rocket
 Price: $70.00

   When the pot boils, the top spins around from the steam jetting out from the two rockets on the side. Made of highly polished 18/8 stainless steel. Holds 2 quarts.
    Barclay's Coffee: $79.95 ($10.00 off if you mention this website when ordering) $69.99 (discontinued, no longer being made by the manufacturer)

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