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Beaker, Measuring

Beaker.jpg (8819 bytes)

Model: The Perfect BeakerThere seems to be several models out on the market. Click HERE for a list I could find on the internet.

Blender, Stand

BlenderKitchenAid.jpg (16809 bytes)
BlenderWaring.jpg (10373 bytes)

 Make: Kitchen Aid
Model: 5 Speed Ultra
 Price: $100.00


    Make: Waring
Model: Brushed Chrome
 Price: $150.00

bulletMaximum food/blade contact
bulletHigh R.P.M.s
bulletTapered canister
bulletWide range of speeds
bulletSimple, well placed controls
bulletA wide footprint


Blender, Stick

Handblender.jpg (9280 bytes)

 Make: Braun
Model: MR 500 (CA, shown with Chopper Attachment)
 Price: about $20.00

Bottle, Cobalt Genie

  Model: Cobalt Genie Bottle
Retailer: The Container Store
    Price: $6.00 (no longer in stock?)

Bowls, Stainless Steel

 Make: (From Bed, Bath & Beyond)
Model: ???
 Price: ??? Make: Per a note from Alton, his were purchased from Restoration Hardware
bulletStainless-Steel Nesters
bulletHeavy or Stout
bulletCurved bottom for whisking
bulletStraight Sides
bulletSpout is optional

Let Them
Eat Foam

Bread Box

BreadBox.gif (16557 bytes)

Make: Lustroware, circa 1950s Picture shows Alton's Actual Bread Box, Photographed at the BBQ & Blues Fest in Atlanta, Georgia 2000

Canister Set

Containers.gif (13635 bytes)

Make: Lustroware, circa 1950s LustrowareSet.jpg (20336 bytes) Pictured are other items found in the Lustroware collection. To the left, pictured Alton's Actual Container Set,
Photographed at the BBQ & Blues Fest in Atlanta, Georgia 2000

Carafe, Thermal w/
   Filter Cone

 Make: Thermos Nissan,
           Braun Gold Filter
  True Brew

Casserole Dish

 Make: ???
Model: ???
 Price: ???
bulletCorning Ware
bulletRound or Oval
Use Your
Noodle II
Cheese Slicer  Make: N/A
Model: N/A (Home made)
  From Whom The
Cheese Melts

Coffee Grinder, Electric

CoffeGrinder.jpg (6182 bytes)

 Make: Krups
Model: 203
 Price: $20
True Brew


Make: Tupperware
Model: Large Double
          Colander (0779)
 Price: $20 (On-line)
bulletSlots on sides to drain water quickly
bulletWide bottom for standing in sink
bulletPerforated lid for ease shaking
Pantry Raid I: Using Your Noodle

Container, Cooking
   & Storage

Container.jpg (2883 bytes)

 Make: Cambro
Model: Camwear Square Containers
 Price: variousPurchase Source: The Chef's Resource, KaTom

Container, Kosher

  CheeseServer.gif (15997 bytes)

 Make: Williams-Sonoma
Model: Stainless Steel Cheese Server
 Price: $28.00 + S&H Click Here for more Cheese Server options.

Cookie Jar

CookieTime.jpg (6805 bytes)

Here is a jar that appears to similar to Alton's.
Search eBay for potential purchases.
Cutting Board Make: ???
bulletButcher block is tough, heavy and expensive
bulletEdge grain boards aren't quite as tough, thin ones tend to warp, lighter, cheaper
bulletPlastic for Meat, Fish & Poultry
bulletWood for other foods
bulletMade of kiln dried maple
bulletNot so big it doesn't fit in the sink

Head Games

Deep Fryer

 Make: Bravetti
Model: Platinum Pro
           5-Liter Flash
 Price: $90.00
bulletHeating element heats oil and not the pot
bulletDigital Controls
bulletFry area slides out and is easy to clean
bulletBasket and bracket for draining
bulletVented Lid
bulletStainless-steel chassis to keep the outsides cool
bulletBreak-away cable

The Man Food Show

Dispenser, Oil

OilDispenser.jpg (7089 bytes)

 Make: Stainless Steel Oil Dispenser
Model: ???
 Price: $12.99 at The Container Store
Dutch Oven

DutchOven.jpg (7956 bytes)

 Make: Lodge Cookware
Model: 8D02A (8 Quart)
 Price: $29.00
bulletTeeth on the inside of the lid

Pantry Raid III:
Cool Beans

Dutch Oven

 Make: Calphalon
Model: Commercial
      Non-Stick 5-Quart
      Saucier (P8785)
 Price: $79.99 at BB&B
bulletFrom previous discussion in the Fry Hard episode, it shouldn't be cast iron.
Fry Hard
Fondue Pot

 Make: Westbend
Model: 88003, The
   Entertainer 3-Quart
 Price: $40.74
bulletElectric with Calibrated Thermometer
bulletNonstick Interior

From Whom The
Cheese Melts

Food Mill

 Make: (model shown is not the model used on GE)
Model: 3 Disk
 Price: $29.99

Tomato Envy

Food Processor

FoodProcessor.jpg (19705 bytes)

 Make: Cuisinart
Model: Classic
 Price: $100 The Chef's Resource
bulletMore Power is Better
bulletBottom Mount Motors
bulletOn, Off and Pulse Switch
bullet9-11 Cup Capacity
bulletThick, Heavy Plastic
bulletWide Feed Tube
bulletFlat Top When Not Using Feed Tube

Crust Never Sleeps

Fork, Telescoping

 Make: ???
Model: ???
 Price: ???

Here's a page listing some of the places you can get a telescoping fork.

Fry Machine  Make: ???
Model: ???
bulletTight lid
bulletSteam Vent
bulletInsulated Sides
Fry Hard

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