"Salt" or Cheese Servers

    If there's one item Alton has that everyone else wants to have, it's his "Kosher Salt" container. For the first three seasons he used a grated cheese server found only at Williams & Sonoma. At almost $40 after adding shipping and handling, the are a little expensive.
    However, beginning with Season #4 he began to use a self-created version which looks just like the server from Crate & Barrel (among others) but without the spoon notch. In December 2001 he sold his creation on-line at altonbrown.com. It sold out in two days!
    Listed below are the ones I could find on the internet. If you have to have what Alton has, go for it. However, realize that a regular Rubbermaid container will also do the job just fine at almost half the cost, too.  ;-)

The "Kosher Salt" Containers
(a.k.a. Cheese Servers)

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(Prices Last Checked on 08/27/10 and are subject to change.)

Williams & Sonoma
The One That Started It All
(Seasons 1 to 3ish)
WilliamAndSonoma.jpg (6027 bytes) $29.00
No longer available?
The 2nd One That Continued It All
ABsSaltCellar.gif (7965 bytes) $14.99
Cheese Server with Spoon
CookingCom.jpg (19751 bytes) $16.95
Cheese Server
Gourmet Gallery
Grated Cheese Server
ViderviewVillage.gif (27257 bytes) $24.95
Covered Cheese Bowl Set
Crate & Barrel
Stainless Condiment Server
No longer available
Sur La Table
Cheese Server
SurLaTable.jpg (29173 bytes) $12.95
No longer available
No need to e-mail me other locations. I'm stopping the list here. Thanks. 

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