The Family Tree

    In my humble opinion, Alton's interaction with his twisted family has been one of the funniest things about Good Eats. I've attempted to make a Genealogy chart of who's related to whom on the show.
 Here are my logical deductions such as they are:
  1. Family Name: So far, all of the "relatives" in the show are from the Brown side of the family.
    1. One of the scene titles from "Romancing the Bird" says, 'Send In The Browns'
  2. Parents: This is a confusing issue. In "What's Up Duck?" Alton seems to interact with two people in the opening scene who are his parents: the father figure he calls, Pops. However, we have a completely different person playing his mother in the episode, "Behind the Bird." To make sense from this illogic, we'll treat "Behind the Bird" as having stepped out of the Good Eats world—since it's a documentary of GE—and treat his mother there as a real mother (which she really is) instead of his on screen mother. However, this would make Merrilyn Crouch, a.k.a. Marsha, his real sister which she isn't. Okay, I'm going to go take an aspirin now.
  3. Spouse:
    1. Fact: Alton has a wife although we've not seen her. Alton mentions her in the episode, "Where There's Smoke, There's Fish."
  4. Siblings:
    1. Fact: Marsha is Alton's sister. This has been stated on many episodes.
      1. Fact: We know Marsha is older than Alton because Alton calls her his "big sister" [Romancing the Bird].
      2. Assumption: Marsha is a Brown who was previously married to a Mr. Brady but has since divorced and (maybe) kept a hyphenated last name.
        1. Alton mentions that she was once married, "Having already driven away one husband ...".
        2. I assume that she returned to using her maiden name.
        3. However, in "Behind the Bird" she's listed as Marsha Brown-Brady indicating her previous husband's name.
    2. Fact: B. A. is Alton's brother. This has been stated on many episodes.
      1. Assumption: B. A. is older than Alton ... even if they are twins (aren't the "rebels" of the family always the older ones? *grin*)
  5. Nephews & Nieces:
    1. Fact: Elton is Marsha's son (Use Your Noodle II).
      1. Assumption: "Churn Baby Churn" also has a small boy in the background who yells to Alton calling him Uncle A. B. I'll assume this is the same person (on screen, in real life it might have been another actor).
    2. Assumption: Nancy is Marsha's daughter because
      1. We know that Marsha was married
      2. It's unlikely that B. A. has any children ... well, any that he knows of anyway
      3. Since Marsha is at the Thanksgiving party, it's likely she brought her children.
      4. Nancy's attitude would certainly come from having a mother like Marsha.
  6. Uncles & Aunts:
    1. Assumption: Uncle Morty and Alton's father are brothers since they both have to be a Brown.
    2. Assumption: Alton mentions that Jed is off to war. I'm assuming he's a Brown, too.
    3. Assumption: Aunt Verna is the wife of Uncle Morty since they both are at the Thanksgiving dinner.
  7. Cousins:
    1. Assumption: Morty's and Verna's son is Cousin Ray. (Anyone notice the resemblance between Verna and Ray? Both played by Steve Rooney.)
  8. Grandparents: Yes, I know Ma Mae is AB's real grandmother, but she was on the show so I've included her. Since she has a last name, we'll make her his maternal grandmother ... which she probably is in real life, too.

Of course, when we learn more from new episodes, I'll make changes.

Note: Although most of Alton's Good Eats family is made up, three of his real family members have stared in them.

  1. As noted above, his grandmother, Ma Mae, was featured in The Dough Also Rises.
  2. His real life mother played his Good Eats mother in Romancing The Bird.
  3. Although not mentioned directly, the little girl in Comb Alone was his daughter, Zoey.

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