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A Bird In The Pan

FernBank1.jpg (116082 bytes)

    The Fernbank Science Center is part of the DeKalb County Board of Education.  The museum part is free.

FernBank3.jpg (97452 bytes)

    The Front of the building.  The tall, center part is the planetarium.

FernBank2.jpg (84448 bytes)

    The dinosaur was not present at the time I visited the center, but this show is the current view in the entrance. (2001)

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Many Episodes

Harrys Sign.jpg (115014 bytes)     Food, glorious food.  if you want hard to find food, Harry's is the place to go.  It is very international.
Harrys Outside.jpg (155002 bytes)      The front.
Harrys Inside.jpg (207220 bytes)     The produce section is HUGE!  You wind around about 6 of these aisles.  Most of the food is packed in or sitting on top of crushed ice.  Very well stocked.
Harrys Meat.jpg (210527 bytes)     The meat area.  (You can see the fish area at the end)
Harrys Fish 2.jpg (113522 bytes)     The fish area.

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The Icing Man Commeth


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Crustacean Nation II: Claws   Send In The Clams

Inland Seafood.jpg (198023 bytes)     This place is also near downtown Atlanta.  It didn't look like it was open to the public and so I didn't go in.

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Oat Cuisine

InYourDreamsSign.jpg (24398 bytes)     In your dreams is a multi-functional horse facility with 45 stales, a riding program, covered and outdoor arenas and home of Dream Power, a riding program for the handicapped (see the NARHA for more info).
    Check out their website for more info and pictures.
HorseCasey.jpg (180303 bytes)     This is Casey, the horse Alton rode.
HorseSerranade.jpg (137218 bytes)     This is Serenade with Mrs. Liederman.  Serenade is the horse Mrs. Duchon rode. Mrs. Liederman is the stable manager and president of Dream Power mentioned above.
HorseWall.jpg (242863 bytes)     An outside shot of one of the stable wings.
HorseWall2.jpg (209802 bytes)     "Well hello, Wilbur."

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Season #1-3

P4210012.jpg (43791 bytes)

    The infamous Crabapple Kroger.
    This is one of Kroger's newer, bigger stores.  Alton probably likes this place for it's huge selection and wide aisles.

P4210007.jpg (150955 bytes)

    The front of the store

P4210008.jpg (258020 bytes)

    The produce section.

P4210010.jpg (205726 bytes)

    The meat section.

P4210011.jpg (75358 bytes)

    Typical aisle used by Alton to walk up and down.

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Kroger Used for Season #4

Kroger Sign.jpg (95832 bytes)     Although Alton states it is the Windward Parkway Kroger it is not, in fact, on Windward Parkway; it's at the end of it on Georgia Highway 9.
Kroger Outside.jpg (79855 bytes)     The front of the store
Kroger 1.jpg (192110 bytes)     Typical produce section.
Kroger 3.jpg (180498 bytes)     The garlic was a little slim on the day I visited.
Kroger 5.jpg (218406 bytes)     More produce.
Kroger 6.jpg (144115 bytes)     The meat area.
Kroger 7.jpg (162236 bytes)     The tofu fridge area.
Justin in Kroger.jpg (162258 bytes)     My boy in the cart.

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For Whom The Cheese Melts

LassiterHS1.jpg (70442 bytes)

    Lassiter High School is located in Cobb County and is considered
to be one of the best high schools in the state of Georgia.

LassiterHS2.jpg (61735 bytes)

    Here's the football field where the 'Catholics' and
the 'Protestants' ceased fire for a fondue dinner.

Amber Waves of Grain

Homebrew 01.jpg (203402 bytes)     MHS is located West of the Big Chicken (an Atlanta landmark) on Roswell Road. This is the front of the shop. It's located in the back right corner of the strip mall it's in near the Marietta Star Cinema.
Homebrew 06.jpg (190978 bytes)     Here's Chris Foster, star Guest of the Amber Waves of Grain episode.
Homebrew 05.jpg (197415 bytes)     The back room of the MHS. They've got a lot of supplies ready for home brewers across the Atlanta area.

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Pantry Raid I: Use Your Noodle   A Bowl Of Onion

MariettaSquare1.jpg (211010 bytes)    One of the most respected and beautiful aspects of Marietta Georgia is it's square.  With beautiful trees, plants and paved walkways it's a favorite of many a Mariettian.  There's a fountain, gazebo and bandstand for performances through out the year.
MariettaSquare2.jpg (217710 bytes)     Marietta Square's gazebo.

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Oat Cuisine

PB100022.JPG (216053 bytes)  
MaristTrack.jpg (112926 bytes)     The blue track looks to be an interesting kind of outdoor carpet.  It is dense but somewhat soft. It must be terrific to run on.

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