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Appliance Showcase 06.jpg (201241 bytes)

    Appliance Showcase is a small appliance store near downtown Atlanta.
Appliance Showcase 03.jpg (181754 bytes)     The black oven set in the white wall on the left was the oven they used. It retails for $1,129.99 if you wanna buy it.

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True Brew

Botanical.jpg (82152 bytes)

    When I visited, I wasn't ready to pay the $7.00 entrance fee to take pictures. I'm cheap. This is a shot of the entrance.

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Tullie Smith Farm

Tomato Envy

Tullia Farm 04.jpg (218023 bytes)     The Atlanta History Center consists of museum, the Tullie Smith Farm, gardens, trails, a playhouse and a classic Atlanta home called the Swan House The GE shoot was located on the Tullie Smith Farm outside a smaller shed of the Tullie Smith House which has a small  working garden next to it.
Tullia Farm 02.jpg (207007 bytes)

Tullie Smith House
ca. 1845
DeKalb County, Georgia

    "The exact date of the house remains unknown, but it was most likely constructed between 1845 and 1850. It was originally located amidst 800 acres on what is now North Druid Hills Road in Atlanta. Tullie Smith House is typical of the southern rural home of the mid-19th century, with its exterior end chimneys, hall and parlor plan, full-width porch, and traveler's room. The traveler's (or parson's) room remained unlocked for visitors, who could enter at any time without disturbing the family. A variety of activities, such as carding and spinning wool, weaving, preparing food, and washing would have occurred in the house and on the porch, depending upon the time of year and family's needs."

From a sign near the House

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Grill Seekers   Chops Ahoy

BBQGalore 2.jpg (206548 bytes)     They were closed at the time I was taking pictures.  Very nice and friendly staff.  They are located in Sandy Springs (just a 5 minute walk from where I work.)

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Many Shows

BBBOutside.jpg (73774 bytes)     Home of W.  Source of many of Alton's retail supplies.  It is located in Dunwoody near Perimeter Mall.
BBB Inside 1.jpg (197571 bytes)     Here is the small gadget section. Vlad, W and Alton would have been here for most of the Garlic scene.
BBB Inside 4.jpg (209781 bytes)     The pots and pans section.
BBB Inside 6.jpg (208878 bytes)     The appliance section.

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It's A Wonderful Cake

BigJohnSign.jpg (200920 bytes)     Big John's have many locations around the Atlanta area. They begin setting up around Thanksgiving. You'll find them in church and business parking lots.
BigJohnTent.jpg (214299 bytes)     They usually have a very wide selection of Christmas items. Unfortunately I took these pictures on December 24 when the selection is low.  :<

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Dip Madness

Conservatory 07.jpg (211213 bytes)     "Callanwolde, the magnificent Gothic-Tudor style home of the Charles Howard Candler family, was completed in 1920. Howard Candler, the oldest son of Asa Candler (founder of the Coca-Cola Company), was the President of Coca-Cola from 1916 to 1923.
    "The estate is located in the Druid Hills neighborhood of Atlanta, which was planned by the firm of Frederick Law Olmsted, designer of Central Park in New York City. Of the estate's original 27 acres, approximately 12 remain intact. The grounds, which consist of sculptured lawns, formal gardens, nature trails and a rock garden, have been partially restored by the DeKalb County Federation of Garden Clubs, and are maintained by DeKalb County."
Conservatory 04.jpg (198068 bytes) The Dip episode was taped entirely in the Conservatory.
Conservatory 02.jpg (207685 bytes)     "The greenhouse nearest the mansion was adopted by the DeKalb County Federation of Garden Clubs (the group primarily responsible for the restoration of the grounds of the estate), and has since been restored and enlarged. The Conservatory, as it is now called, is an excellent example of the adaptive reuse of a historic building. This multi-use facility is used as an exhibiting garden center with space for lectures, demonstrations, and other special events.... A combination library and work area is located on the lower level (which was originally a potting shed attached to the greenhouse). A small terrace was also added to the front of the Conservatory. It overlooks the original formal gardens and may be used for small teas or other entertaining."

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Cooks Warehouse
Use Your Noodle II


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Three Chips for Sister Marsha

(Looking North)

    The "Corner of Crocker & Hines" is actually an entrance to a strip mall.  The road to the right is Roswell Road in Sandy Springs, Georgia.

    Notice that there is no phone booth nor bench, both were props.

(Looking West)

    Although we never see the Staples in the show, the store to its right, the Piano store, is visible—if illegible—in the last few scenes.

(Looking East)

    The grass (now brown because it is winter time) is where the Girl Scout walked up to Alton to offer him cookies.

    The strip mall across the street (not visible in this shot) doesn't have a bakery for Marsha to have purchased cookies.  Ah, the myth of TV.

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Divers Supply Sign.jpg (67526 bytes)

    Diving World is located near down town Atlanta.

Divers Insides.jpg (211810 bytes)     Inside of the store.
Divers Tank.jpg (191729 bytes)

    The tank Alton used whilst discussing pressure.  It's an "antique" not in use any more.

Divers Tank 2.jpg (173864 bytes)     Here's the inside.  What the globe is doing there I have no idea.  I guess to give you something to play with while you wait for the decompression.

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True Brew II

ElephantTea1.jpg (203467 bytes)     Elephant Tea is located in both Phipps Plaza and Lenox Square (pictures herein are from Phipps).  The moved to this location since shooting the episode of Good Eats but it's still a dandy place.
ElephantTea2.jpg (203928 bytes)    Here are many Japanese teapots Alton raved about in the episode.  You can purchase them at Elephant Tea's website.
ElephantTea3.jpg (207686 bytes)     You want leaves?  They got'm.  Rows and rows of tea all sealed properly in airtight tins, of course.

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