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Wasn't Romancing The Bird a great episode?  I hope you weren't sleeping because here are 20 questions.

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1. What year did Alton flash back to when they first met,
    The Stranger?

2. In what year was the first Thanksgiving?

3. Why didn't the pilgrims have a Thanksgiving meal after the first
Flu epidemic
It was just a one time deal
War with the Indians
Bad Crop

4. Which president finally made the proclamation that
    Thanksgiving be the last Thursday in November?
James Monroe
John Quincy
Abraham Lincoln
Theodore Roosevelt

5. Why wasn't there any pie at the first Thanksgiving?
It was against their religion
At this time in history, it wasn't eaten much
Pie really hadn't been invented yet
Flour and butter were not available

6. Which of the following did the pilgrims NOT have at the first

7. In what temperature range is a turkey considered refrigerated?
-5 F to 25 F
1 F to 26 F
1 F to 32 F
10 F to 26 F

8. A "Grade A" Turkey can't have or be what?
Developed Fat Layer
Pin Feathers
Frozen for longer than 3 months
Above 0 F

9. What percentage of American Homes serve turkey on

10. Which of the following statements is incorrect about
   basting a turkey?
It doesn't add flavor to the turkey
It lengthens the cooking time
It doesn't change the texture of the meat
It can introduce bacteria

11. Brining works because ...
... of osmosis
... the salt and flavor sticks to the skin
... it closes down the cell walls to trap in moisture
... it's magic

12. The turkey was introduced to Europe by Spanish
      conquistadors returning from 16th century where?
Puerto Rico

13. Why is stuffing NOT evil?
Adds cooking time and therefore dries the bird
Adds mass to the bird
It harbors bacteria
Takes away flavor from the bird

14. A flat rack for the bird is better than a V rack because ...
It's cheaper
It has handles
It doesn't squish the bird
It cooks faster

15. Why are the pop-up thermometers that come in turkeys
      not a good idea?
By the time it pops up the white meat is dry
The thermometers are known to leak the epoxy which lets the spring pop-up
It's not that accurate and it may pop-up too soon
It adds cost to the bird's price

16. The largest turkey on record weighed how much and was
      from where?
80 pounds / Kentucky
86 pounds / England
88 pounds / Tennessee
92 pounds / France

17. Why is "low and slow" not the way to go?
It ruins the brine
It can harbor bacteria deep inside the bird
It takes way too long to cook
The fat layer melts and rolls off

18. Which country leads the world in turkey consumption?

19. What does Alton like to use to cover his turkey between
      cooking and serving to keep it warm?
Aluminum Triangle
Grill Lid
Stainless Steel Bowl
He uses the oven set on "warm"

20. How does Alton store his leftover turkey meat?
Wraps it in foil, places it inside a freezer bag and puts it in the freezer
Wraps it in wax paper, places it inside a freezer bag and stores in the freezer
Wraps it in a paper towel to collect the moisture, places it inside a paper bag and puts it in the refrigerator
Wraps it in foil, places it inside two freezer bags and puts that in bottom drawer of the refrigerator

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