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Al on Curing Cast Iron

Posted by Al on 1:02:25 11/20/2002 from

If this is your problem, set the temperature before you start laying out you ingredients. That'll give the oven time to juice up. I seem to remember AB saying "You DID remember to set your oven to 375, didn't you?" (Vague memory of only seeing the episode once and having a broken [not broken, actually: It has a slice of spice cake with cream cheese frosting in it. Don't ask.] VCR).

Posted by ls10 on 1:39:59 11/20/2002 from

In reply to: Re: help with eclairs posted by Al on 1:02:25 11/20/2002 from

How in the Sam Hill did a piece of spice cake wind up in your VCR? Inquiring minds want to know!

Posted by Al on 7:11:20 11/20/2002 from

In reply to: I gotta ask anyway . . posted by ls10 on 1:39:59 11/20/2002 from



A while ago, a friend of mine brought me a big, honking slab of her mother's spice cake with cream cheese frosting.

Honking: Drop dead delicious. Dense. Moist. Good texture. Everything I look for in a spice cake. The frosting was rich and smooth, with just a hint of citrus.

Big: Almost EXACTLY the size of a VCR tape.

I took a bite (my bites are pretty big. I'm a big guy) out of one corner and set it down on top of the pile of stuff I was working on.

Now, I'd recently had a flood, so the table near my TV/VCR was piled with six to seven inch high stacks of empty CD cases that I was letting air out some before returning to the bookshelf where they generally lived. I thought it was safe to set the cake down on top of one of the solid, stable little little stacks of CD cases.

That's EXACTLY like saying, "I didn't think the pistol was loaded!"

A moment later, I turned away to do something else. I heard a clattering behind me and turned, quickly, to see the cake, on its plate, CD-case surfing, riding a small wave of sliding CD cases, towards the opening of the VCR!

I reached to grab the plate, but bumped it instead. That sent it ROCKETING towards the opening!

The plate banged into the edge of the bottom of the tape opening, the cake broke loose of the plate and went ZOOP, EXACTLY into the hole!

Now, there must be a "There's a tape in the slot" switch at the back ot the slot which the piece of cake satisfied, because the mechanism that loads the tape cycled, lowering the cake into the bowels of my Poe-Poem inspiring VCR:

"Crap," I shrieked, "thou fiend or fiendroid,
Before thee I was fully employed
Making money on the net!
Now I lay in total anguish,
Trying to some gadget vanquish!"

Like that.

It fit tightly enough that some of the cake and frosting wiped off as it slowly, gracefully, inexorably zooped down into the machine!

Now, although it met all the criteria to be LOADED INTO the machine, it does NOT meet the criteria to be UNLOADED FROM the machine (maybe that bite I took), so when I push the 'Eject' button it flashes the "No Tape" message.

So, there I sit, and there IT sits, looking smug and superior with just a dollop of that excellent frosting hanging out of its mouth, until I can get it to the repair shop, where I'll have to repeat this story again.

When you do something right, no one is interested in how. When you make yourself look nekkid, foolish, dumb and dorkey, everyone wants DETAILS. :-/

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