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Mamma passed away at 07:30 this morning...

Posted by Al on 16:45:03 2/11/2003 from


... of pneumonia, congestive heart failure and just plain being 87 years old.

She went peacefully and comfortably, which was a blessing. From Sunday evening on, she had been in so much pain that she spent the whole time thrashing and moaning.

Monday morning, she had enough visitors that you could have lost me in the crowd, and I'm a BIG guy.

In a bright red shirt.

She was calmer and lucid, and greeted each with a squeeze of the hand, their name, an "I love you," and a question about what was going on in their lives or wondering where a spouse or child was.

That was about all she had wind for.

I was with her all of yesterday and the whole night, right up to the end. My niece, her grand-daughter, Andrea (Erica [sister's] girl. Girl! She's 33 now.) came up from Texas to say good bye, as well, so none of us was alone.

Never again a new Mamma story. I'll just have to hang on to the old ones for a long, long time.

I ask again, with a small modification: If you knew that someone you loved would die soon,
    1)  What would you say to them?
    2)  What are you waiting for?

[Is10 wrote a post at the same time Al did]

Oh Al.

Posted by ls10 on 17:01:41 2/11/2003 from

In reply to: Mamma passed away at 07:30 this morning... posted by Al on 16:45:03 2/11/2003 from

I'm sorry for your loss.

We posted at the same time. In reading my post about the board, I'm afraid it looks insensitive on my part if you think I read your post first.

Maybe there was something out there in the universe making me think of this without knowing about it.

Re: Oh Al.

Posted by Al on 17:25:33 2/11/2003 from

In reply to: Oh Al. posted by ls10 on 17:01:41 2/11/2003 from


You did no offend.

... and you're right. All that is changeless is change, and all that is permanent is impermanence, and, "moving on," is NOT a bad thing. Time comes to us all, unexpected and unbidden.

Mamma was ready to move on. Time came to her as a friend.

As for restarting [;-)] Mamma v2.0 can NOT improve on the old v1.0, I think, so I don't think I will. V1.0 was a wonderful, buggy, loving, aggravating, stubborn, expansive and happy process. Its process ID and operational parameters are incorporated into the core-functionality code of almost every process with which it interfaced.

The archives are in good order, too, and well-distributed.

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