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Al on Preparing for Disaster

Duct Tape Room?
Posted by Shawn on 0:17:34 2/20/2003:

Okay how many of you are duct taping your room, I know I am, I'm going to get supplies this weekend with war drawing closer I can't get my mind off an attack so how many of you are planning for an attack?

Posted by Al on 8:59:41 2/20/2003:

In reply to: Duct Tape Room? posted by Shawn on 0:17:34 2/20/2003:


Let me say, again, what I said for Y2K - treat it just like the threat of (place locally-recognized catastrophe here). In southern Indiana, it's floods and tornadoes. In Massachusetts, it was blizzards. In California, it's earthquake. In Louisiana, it's that one, REALLY big mosquito ...

Have 3 to 7 days of food, water and paper goods (toilet paper, paper towels) available. Canned, uncondensed soups address BOTH food and water. Make sure you have an extra can-opener. Don't save much DRY stuff (pasta, beans) because they cost lots of water to prepare. If you DO make dry stuff, save the cooking water for clean-up and to flush toilets.

Have extra batteries for ALL your flashlights. Have a couple or three cigarette lighters handy, buy a few packs of those short, thick candles ("votive candles," they're called), AND check all your fire extinguishers (and remember: When people go out or fade out, make sure the candles do too). Check and refresh your first-aid kit. Keep at least TWO WEEK'S supply of your medications on hand at ALL times. Those cut-glass hurricane lamps, filled with colored, scented oil are VERY pretty: If you get some, learn how to use them AND treat them like candles.

Over and above Y2K:

ABC attack (Atomic, Biological, Chemical) of the type we have to be concerned with, here, give you no, or very limited warning. By the time you're into your room; into your TAP suit (Tactical Agent Protective); into your inside/taped-up room; heck, into the MASK you carry at you BELT(!), you've already got about as big a dose as you're likely to get.

This is NOT to say that if worse comes to worst, you should wind-sprint around licking the lampposts! Behave sensibly. Get out of the open and stay calm. Sing songs. Ask scared people what they're going to have for dinner (thinking about the future has a wonderful way of mollifying the present). Talk about what you did the day before, or your favorite recipe.

If someone asks you, "ARE YOU NUTS?!?!? TALKING ABOUT DINNER AND COOKING AND SINGING?!?!?!?" just smile and say, "I'm NOT nuts, and I'm not going to let this MAKE me nuts, either. We'll get out of this Ok, and SOMEONE will have to make dinner ..."

NOW FOR THE GOOD NEWS: Plain vinegar will dissolve most powdered nuclear materials, making them easier to remove. All the tactical biological agents are treatable. The really deadly chemical agents evaporate faster than warm water, and your local hospital ALREADY has the materials to treat for them (it's the same treatment for bug-spray overdose, for what it's worth: Atropine to ease the symptoms, and 2-pam chloride to treat the condition itself.)

     Y O U A R E P R E T T Y S A F E !

Your greatest protection, in these times of uncertainly, is YOUR WITS! Keep them, and you'll come out Ok.

I promise.

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