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What I've done here and when.

bullet02-28-2006: Added 2004 interview with Merrilyn Crouch
bullet01-10-2006: Finished about 2 months worth of getting the transcripts formatted with the help of Michael Roberts. All of season 8 and 9 up to the School of Hard Nogs is done.
bulletRemoved Cable In The Classroom page.
bulletRelocated Web Hosting from Yahoo to Network Solutions. Lost the Miva message board and guestbook.
bulletLots of things have happened, namely script additions.

^ 2005 ^



12-14-2004: Added Say Cheese transcript


12-10-2004: Added True Grits transcript

bullet11-28-2004: Added Soup's On transcript
bullet11-27-2004: Added SandwichCraft transcript
bullet09-10-2004: Removed The Stat page.
     The information except for the Another Show became irrelevant.
bullet09-10-2004: Added The Big Chili transcript
bullet09-08-2004: Added Wonton Ways transcript
bullet09-07-2004: Created Another Show List page.
bullet09-06-2004: Added Hittin' The Sauce transcript
bullet09-05-2004: Added Flat Is Beautiful II transcript
bullet09-04-2004: Added The DVDs page
bullet08-13-2004: Added Circle of Life transcript
bullet08-10-2004: Added Shell Game transcript
bullet08-05-2004: Added Top Banana transcript
bullet08-03-2004: Added I Pie transcript
bullet07-31-2004: Added Eat This Rock! transcript
bullet07-29-2004: Added Toast Modern transcript
bullet04-06-2004: Added Sometimes You Feel Like A ... transcript
bullet03-26-2004: Added Fudge Factor transcript
bullet03-11-2004: Added The Man Food Show transcript
bullet02-29-2004: Added Spice Capades transcript
bullet02-26-2004: Removed all reference to my email address throughout the site.
bullet02-13-2004: Added Herbal Preservation transcript
bullet01-26-2004: Added Potato, My Sweet transcript
bullet01-21-2004: Added The Cookie Clause transcript
bullet01-10-2004: Added The Trick to Treats transcript.

^ 2004 ^

bullet12-08-2003: Added my interview with Deborah Duchon
bullet10-28-2003: Added Raising The Steaks Transcript
bullet10-26-2003: Added Ill Gotten Grains and The Pouch Principle Transcripts
bullet09-04-2003: Added A Beautiful Grind transcript
bullet09-02-2003: Added Q and Egg Files VI: French Flop transcripts added
bullet08-18-2003: Added Quiz #6 thanks to Nick Roche
bullet08-17-2003: Added The Muffin Method Man transcript
bullet08-16-2003: Removed the Guest Map feature powered by
bulletToo expensive to get the professional version, only had room for 100 names
bullet08-12-2003: Redid the format for the episode indexes
bullet08-06-2003: Added Crustacean Nation III: Feeling Crabby transcript
bullet07-27-2003: Moved the message board to
bullet07-18-2003: Began revamping the Episode Info pages
bullet04-11-2003: Added Beet It transcript
bulletAdded The Icing Man Commeth transcript
bulletReworked all of the Foodtv links because they changed their site
bullet02-15-2003: Added A Cake on Every Plate transcript
bullet02-10-2003: Added Salad Daze II: The Long Arm of the Slaw transcript
bullet01-24-2003: Added Use Your Noodle II transcript
bullet01-16-2003: Added Casserole Over Transcript
bullet01-09-2003: Added This Page Intentionally Left Blank page
bullet01-08-2003: Added Help Holy Quit Smoking page
bullet01-02-2003: Added Donations 2003 page.

^ 2003 ^

bullet12-12-02: Added Choux Shine transcript
bullet12-09-02: Reworked the FAQs into separate pages due to the increasing size.
bullet12-03-02: Added Merrilyn Crouch page
bullet11-14-02: Added Chops Ahoy transcript
bullet11-11-02: Reworked the seasonal index pages to include
bulletLinks for the printer versions
bulletJumps to the recipes in the transcripts
bulletWhether it's been included in a Video yet.
bullet11-06-02: Added links on the Main Page which allows this site to be viewed in Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese using Google's Language Translate site.
bullet11-05-02: Added Amber Waves transcript
bullet11-01-02: Added Dip Madness transcript
bulletAdded Tomato Envy transcript
bulletChanged text in transcript that refers to the recipe in blue. (Tomato Envy only)
bulletAdded links to the above blue text in the Season information (Tomato Envy only)
bullet10-21-02: Added back The Guten Eats Project sales information.
bullet08-29-02: Added The Egg Files V: Quantum Foam transcript
bullet08-07-02: Added The Choke's On You transcript
bullet07-31-02: Added Good Milk Gone Bad transcript
bullet07-30-02: Added Down & Out Recipe page.
bullet07-24-02: Added Down And Out In Paradise Transcript
bullet07-23-02: Reworked the The Equipment page by listing them alphabetically
bullet07-18-02: Reworked the Recipe Index page and added Recipes By Subject
bullet07-17-02: Added Strawberry Sky Transcript
bulletAdded the transcript to The Other Red Meat
bulletAdded Good Reads page
bullet07-11-02: Reorganized the whole site by:
bulletBreaking out information into an AB Fan Page, GE Fan Page, GE Humor, Collected Info, Message Board and Mikemenn.
bulletThis Site History page will now only be concerned with the GEFP info.
bulletAdded the Briner Convention sketch to the Humor Pages.
bulletAdded Citizen Times article.
bullet06-17-02: Split Book Signing Report into 2 pages due to length.
bullet06-10-02: Added Book Signing Reports, stories of people's encounter with AB on his book signing tour
bullet06-07-02: Added Washington Post AB Chat.
bullet06-03-02: Changed all links from to Barnes & Noble.
bullet05-21-02: Added Suggest Shows from Fans
bullet05-16-02: Added Send In The Clams Transcript
bullet05-15-02: Added This Spud's For You Too transcript.
bullet04-30-02: Began adding the Web Counter to several other pages besides the home page
bullet04-26-02: Added Cooking Light article
bulletReworked The Other page
bulletAdded the Chef's Catalogue blurb for Lodge
bulletAdded Publisher's Weekly Review
bulletAdded Amazon's review of Alton's Book
bulletReworked the Site Map page to make it more comprehensive
bulletRemoved the main Reference page because the Site Map is now sufficient.
bullet04-23-02: Added Couch Potato Alton Brown Interstitial Transcripts
bullet04-19-02: Added my 4-13-02 Interview with Alton Transcript
bulletAdded Use Your Noodle II Transcript
bulletAdded The Stats #4
bullet04-04-02: Reworked Other Information into various pages due to size
bullet04-01-02: Added Donations page
bullet03-28-02: Reworked the Episode Info and renamed it to Episode Index
bullet03-13-02: Added Squash Court Transcript
bulletTo reduce the size of the Other Information page I moved various articles to their own pages.
bullet02-22-02: Added Art of Darkness II Transcript
bullet02-21-02: Added Art of Darkness II: Cocoa Recipes
bullet02-20-02: Added AB Time Line page
bullet02-19-02: Moved site history info to this page
bullet02-18-02: Began creating recipes from the transcript because's versions were inaccurate
bulletAdded "Squid Pro Quo" Transcript
bulletAdded copy of TV Guide spread on Alton Brown
bullet02-08-02: Added "The Trouble With Cheesecakes" Transcript
bullet01-21-02: Added "Deep Purple" Transcript
bullet01-18-01: Began Collect Info page linking Milk Info and Cooking Methods
bullet01-14-02: Added "Scrap Iron Chef - Bacon Challenge" Transcript
bullet01-08-02: Added pictures of foods next to each episode info title
bullet01-07-02: Moved the Good Eats Humor Pages from Geocities to here
bullet01-06-02: Added "Celebrity Roast" Transcript

^ 2002 ^

bullet12-18-01: Added "CrÍpe Expectations" Transcript
bullet12-10-01: Added the transcript of Alton's Interview on 99X.
bullet11-19-01: Finished deleting Printer Transcript pages
bulletReworked Message Board and Guestbook to Fan's Page
bulletAdded Fan Birthdays page.
bulletAdded "Oat Cuisine" Transcript
bulletAdded pictures from In Your Dreams Farm and Marist School to the Around Atlanta Page
bulletDiscontinued updating "The Talent" page because of lack of information
bulletAdded The Crew information for Season #5
bulletAdded "Where's The Title From?" for Season #5
bullet11-12-01: Added GEG Picture in Champaign, IL
bulletMoved each season's Episode List to it's own pages
bulletMerged the Episode Find information to the Episode List page
bulletRemoved the Recipe By Show page since it really is just mirrored information with the Episode List
bullet10-31-01: Added "Deep Space Slime" Transcript
bullet10-12-01: Split the "Where's The Title From?" to two different pages due to size
bullet10-11-01: Added Quiz #4
bulletAdded "True Brew II"
bulletAdded "Chile's Angles"
bullet09-17-10: Added Bio page on Daniel Pettrow
bulletAdded "Where The Recipe From?"
bulletAdded The KitchenAid Mixer Information Page
bullet09-06-01: Split out The Equipment page to category pages due to the heavy graphics download
bullet08-30-01: Added "Puff The Magic Pastry" Transcript
bulletAdded "The Stats" age
bulletReworked the Episode Topic page
bullet08-15-01: Discontinued "The Show Slides" page because it was too tedious to keep up.
bullet08-14-01: Added "Mayo Clinic" Transcript
bulletAdded "The Story of Alton's Watch"
bulletRemoved the ditties due Netscape errors
bullet08-02-01: Redid the Good Eats ditties so it's optional
bullet07-27-01: Added "The Bulb Of The Night" Transcript
bullet07-23-01: Added Good Eats ditties to Home page
bullet07-09-01: Added "A Chuck for Chuck" transcript
bulletReordered the "Episode Info" from recent to oldest
bulletBegan using dots instead of dashes for dates
bullet06-19-01: Added "Let Them Eat Foam" transcript
bullet06-12-01: Added the "Map Yourself" link (later removed due to problems)
bullet06-07-01: Added "Ham I Am" transcript
bullet05-25-01: Added "Measuring Beakers" page
bullet05-23-01: Added "Crustacean Nation II: Claws" transcript
bullet05-10-01: Added Printer Friendly transcripts to Season #1 shows
bullet05-10-01: Added "Fry Hard II: The Chicken" transcript
bullet05-08-01: Added "Telescoping Forks" page
bullet05-07-01: Added "FAQ2" page
bullet04-23-01: Added "Pressure" transcript
bullet04-20-01: Added pages on "Shirley Corriher" and "Deborah Duchon"
bullet04-19-01: Added "Cheese Servers" page
bullet04-17-01: Added "Where There's Smoke There's Fish" transcript
bullet04-12-01: Began adding Food Network's Show Information links on the Episode Info page
bullet03-26-01: Changed Format of the Quizzes
bulletAdded Good Eats Humor link
bulletAdded "St. Petersburg Times Article" link
bulletAdded "Grill Seekers" transcript
bulletAdded "Episode Find" page
bullet03-13-01: Added "Head Games" transcript
bullet02-16-01: Added "Tofuworld" transcript
bullet02-05-01: Added "Mission: Poachable" transcript
bullet02-03-01: Added "Pantry Raid III: Cool Beans" transcript
bullet01-30-01: Added "Flat is Beautiful" transcript
bullet01-19-01: Added Macworld Magazine interview with Alton Brown
bullet01-15-01: Added "The Case For Butter" transcript
bullet01-11-01: Added "Cable In The Classroom" page
bulletAdded "Around Atlanta with Good Eats"
bulletChanged "The Contacts" page to "The Locations" page
bulletAdded Pictures to the Equipment Page and the Home Page
bulletAdded Links to the Individual Reference Pages on the Left

^ 2001 ^

bullet12-31-00: Added "Flap Jack Do It Again" transcript
bullet12-28-00: Added "Where's The Title From"
bullet12-27-00: Added "Three Chips for Sister Marsha" transcript
bullet12-13-00: Added "It's A Wonderful Cake" transcript
bulletBecause it was against Food TV's User agreements, I removed all recipes, text, chats and pictures that were copied from Food Network's internet site
bullet11-30-00: Added "Behind the Bird" transcript
bulletAdded Guestbook
bulletAdded Message Board
bulletAdded Send Email
bullet11-26-00: Added "Alton Chat 11-19-00"
bullet11-17-00: Added "Behind the Bird" recipes
bullet11-16-00: Added "Romancing the Bird Quiz"
bullet11-09-00: Added "What's Up Duck?" transcript
bulletAdded Left Side Hover Buttons
bulletAdded "Table of Contents"
bulletAdded "Season #2 Quiz"
bulletAdded "Romancing the Bird" transcript
bullet11-01-00: Added "The Genealogy"
bullet10-31-00: Added "Mighty Duck Recipe" transcript
bullet10-28-00: Added "The Egg Files II: Man with a Flan" transcript
bullet10-15-00: Added "Mussel Bound" transcript
bulletAdded "Refrigerator Pie" recipe
bulletAdded "Flandango" recipe
bulletAdded "What Does Alton Say About---?"
bulletAdded "The Downloads"
bullet10-10-00: Added "Mussel Bound Recipes"
bulletAdded Season #1 Quiz
bulletAdded Patrick Belden's Good Eats Theme
bullet10-05-00: Restructured Pages into Folders
bullet09-29-00: Added "American Pickle" transcript
bullet09-20-00: Added "American Pickle Recipes"
bullet09-05-00: Added "My Thanks" page
bulletMoved to
bulletAdded Pictures
bulletAdded Search Page
bulletAdded Alton Brown Chat
bulletAdded "Apple Family Values" transcript
bulletAdded "Art of Darkness" transcript
bulletAdded "Crustacean Nation" transcript
bulletAdded "For Whom the Cheese Melts" transcript
bulletAdded "Pantry Raid I: Use Your Noodle" transcript
bulletAdded "Power To The Pilaf" transcript
bullet08-11-00: Added "Salad Daze" transcript
bulletPre 8-11-00 records were not kept, sad to say :<

^ 2000 ^

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