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This is a post from the GEFP Message Board dated July 1, 2004. It was posted after Season 8 had already begun. I, Mikemenn, was allowed to have the exclusive.

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Posted: Thu Jul 01, 2004 10:35 pm
Post subject: You're going to want to read this. Secrets Revealed!
    So, Good Eats is selling the house. And we collectively inhale and ask, "Wha? What's going on? What's next? How can they do that?”
    Well, I'm here to tell you we've been hood-winked. We've had the wool pulled over our eyes. We've been duped. But all we can say is, "Bravo! Well done! We had no idea. You did it so well! Clap "
    Here's what Willis it talkin' about.
    After leaving the first house, the Good Eats team decided to purchase their own house. Build it the way they wanted. Put the features in that they needed to make a first class, A1 show. Big kitchen. New equipment. Nice counters and cabinets. Big windows. Fireplace. Ceiling supports for lighting framework. Porch for inside and outside shots. Versatility in camera locations. Etc. Etc. Etc.
    So they got the house that you can see on eBay right now. [link no longer active] And it's sweet. I've seen the inside. It's everything you think it is. $850,000 doesn't do it justice.
    But something went wrong. I can't tell you what, but they had to stop
using the house. (Really, I can't tell you so don't speculate or ask, please.) Suffice it to say, they had to move on ... but didn't they just do that? There's many shows now that use two different kitchens. Granted, the show isn't really tied to the kitchen. It's not that it plays an important role in the plot. But it's a nice kitchen. Why give that up? Could they find a kitchen that fit the bill? One that gave them everything they needed?
    The answer is yes. And it's been right under our noses the whole time. I'll say it again, we've been duped, tricked, fooled and bamboozled. For, you see, they did the next best thing to having a Holodeck: they re-built it the kitchen on a set.
    That's right. They rebuilt the EXACT same kitchen. It's not real. They’re on a set, a studio. It comes apart, is packed up and put in storage. It’s a fake building inside another building.
    You’re saying, “Wait a minute. I can see through the windows and see the outside.” That’s right, you can see through the windows. That’s why they call them windows. That’s what windows “do”. However, what you see as “outside” is a picture. A big picture. With lots of bright lights on it. It is a picture of the outside of the real house. Cool, huh?
    You’re also saying, “Wait a minute. I’ve seen the fireplace with a fire in
it.” Yes, that’s true. But that whole end of the house with the fire place is a
picture, too. A big picture. With not so many lights on it. It’s also a picture
from the real house.
    But wait, there’s more. Guess how LONG they’ve been shooting there. Go
ahead, guess. Did you guess? Okay, here’s the answer: the crab show was the first one filmed there. One of the first shows from season 7. In fact, the reason the Q episode was done in the trailer was because they didn’t have the set ready.
    One more thing. (What, there’s more?) AB has been doing a lot with GE. That’s General Electric and not Good Eats I’m referring to. GE makes kitchen appliances. GE (the company not the show) is a competitor of Viking. So here’s where we should really feel stupid. They replaced the major appliances with General Electric ones. So check it out: refrigerator, oven and stove top. The oven is now stainless steel if you haven’t noticed. It’s not all black like in the real house.
    So, there you go. The cat’s out of the bag. Everything’s changed and we never knew it. Now that’s classy. That’s professionalism.
    “We stand and applaud you crew of Good Eats! Cheers! Keep up the great
work!” Clap

    You’re all in the know. Have an enjoyable day.


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