Separated At Birth

Many have noticed the similarities betwixt Alton Brown and Thomas Dolby.
Thomas Dolby, as you'll recall, sang the famous 80's song,
She Blinded Me With Science

The questions is, were they separated at birth?

  • Observation #1: They sure do have some similar features.


Alton Brown

Thomas Dolby

[Some even believe that they may even be the
same person. [Insert weird X-File music here.]

  • Observation #2:

    • Remember what AB says in The Fungal Gourmet?
      AB: Over-crowded pans are the number one cause of failed sautÚs.
            You see, if the food is all piled up in there then it can't touch
            the pan and if it doesn't touch the pan it can't undergo browning,
            that miraculous set of reactions that create flavor and texture
            and that, well, neither science or physics has been able to
            explain. [to scientists] Have you? Come on guys. Blind me with
      [scientists run away] Lab punks.

    • And again in the cake episode, A Cake On Every Plate?
      AB: Shirley, would you mind leading me up to the checkout?
      SC: Sure. Why?
      AB: Because once again you've blinded me with science.

  • Observation #3: They both have been interviewed by MacWorld because they love Macintosh computers:

  • Observation #4: Music which sounds very similar to a Dolby release has cropped up in an episode of Good Eats.

  • Observation #5: Alton's #1 fan, Francis Anderson, in the show, This Spud's For You Too, states "He blinded me with science." And then the music goes directly into the Blinded Me With Science bass line.

    • If anyone should know all about Alton, wouldn't it be his #1 fan?

It's now time for you to decide!

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Last Edited on 08/27/2010