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701) How did you get interested in Good Eats?
The first episode I saw was the onion show, A Bowl of Onion, in November 1999. Actually, I only saw a snippet of the end. But what I saw, I loved. Not having Tivo or TV Guide or a fast connection to the internet at the time, I didn't know what the show was called. I told my wife about it and she didn't get what I was talking about. (Do they ever?)
    Several days later I saw it again and this time I got the title of the show. I was hooked. Thus began my infatuation with everything Good Eats. I feel lucky in that I got in on the show during it's first season. I quickly got to see every episode because there weren't many; all the re-runs were all from the first season. Nowadays, folks either have to buy the DVDs or wait a long time before they can see the early shows.

702) How did you come about making the Good Eats Fan Page?
    In the beginning, I tape recorded the show on my VCR. I would go back and watch the show and take notes because there was just so much gosh darn good information there. (I would later transfer them to my digital camcorder and upload them to my computer where I would burn a digital copy of the show.)
    It wasn't long before I was experimenting with posting the information on the small web page I had at Yahoo's Geocities.  After a few shows, it became obvious to me that just the notes weren't enough. I would miss something or couldn't fully note a concept without writing out everything Alton said. So, I decided to start transcribing the shows.
    After Geocities became way to slow to what I was doing, I decided to go ahead and register the GEFP domain and get it hosted at what is now an old Yahoo hosting service. This was in January, 2000. What a ride it's been.

703) How do (did) you transcribe the shows?
    I used to record the show on VHS tape and then copy it down to my digital camcorder which I then imported to my computer via firewire. From there I made a mpeg file of the show and took out stills for the transcript.
    While I'm copying the tape to my digital camcorder, I'm also making a cassette tape of the show. Then with lots of stopping and rewinding, I listen to the show and type in what I hear. I tried using a copy of the closed caption, but with their many errors and omissions, it was taking me longer to transcribe than my method. So I gave that up.
    After I type it all in, I go back and look for errors. Then I go back while watching the show to add graphics, scenes, etc. Later, my fellow fans go back and proof my work. And that's how it's done.

    Nowadays, I have fellow fans who transcribe for me. I just don't have the time. And frankly, I was never good at it. I had lots of errors. So, I get their transcript and format it and double check it myself.

704) So, you must be the #1 fan of Good Eats?
    Well, I used to claim that. A few other folks straggled in with some okay web pages about Good Eats. But no one has had the scope I had. I've scored interviews with several of the cast including Alton himself. I got started watching in season 1. I've even gotten a letter from the Food Network lawyers for copying too many of their graphics and putting it on my web page.
    But early on I decided I wasn't a fanatic about Good Eats let alone Alton. Having done TV and theater, I know these productions are more than just one person. I have always attempted to applaud the cast and crew for their contributions to the show. And I also don't obsess about greeting Alton, nor buy every little appliance he suggests, nor stalk his wife and kid ... ( ... any more *wink*).
    So, I decided I would proclaim myself the Good Eats #1 Aficionado for my breadth of knowledge and love of what the show tries to do.

705) What do you do, MikeMenn?
    I work from home at the moment. When I started the GEFP, I was working for Lucent. I survived 7 rounds of layoffs before I was let-go in February, 2002. It got so bad there that I was spending all my time working on the GEFP. Hey, free T1 lines to the internet. I wasn't complaining.
    Now I've started my own 1-man company, MikeMenn Productions. I'm doing a lot of AutoCAD for a local company, Precision Jet. But I'm trying to start doing video work such as taping, editing, slideshows, etc. Mostly, I raise my son, Justin. He's in 1st Grade now at the age of 7. I also work with a Foundry Engineering company in Alpharetta, GA.
    I'm also taking Taekwondo. I'm a senior-red belt at the moment. I would be a black belt now if it weren't for tearing my right ACL doing a jumping front kick back in August, 2005. That's been fun. *rolls eyes*.

706) How can I contact you?
    Email, my friend. Email. I live in front of a monitor most of the time: mikemenn@yahoo.com.

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