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Salt Info

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On the culinary periodic table, common food grade salt is NaCl.
Here's all of the info I can find on that wonderful product.

From Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary:

Main Entry: 1salt
Pronunciation: 'solt
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from Old English sealt; akin to Old High German salz salt, Lithuanian saldus sweet, Latin sal salt, Greek hals salt, sea
Date: before 12th century
1 a : a crystalline compound NaCl that consists of sodium chloride, is abundant
        in nature, and is used especially to season or preserve food or in industry --
        called also common salt
   b : a substance (as washing soda) resembling common salt
   c : plural
        (1) : a mineral or saline mixture (as Epsom salts) used as an aperient or
        (2) : SMELLING SALTS
   d : any of numerous compounds that result from replacement of part or all of
        the acid hydrogen of an acid by a metal or a group acting like a metal : an
        ionic crystalline compound
2 : a container for salt at table -- often used in the phrases above the salt and
         below the salt alluding to the former custom of seating persons of higher
         rank above and those of lower rank below a saltcellar placed in the middle
         of a long table
3 a : an ingredient that gives savor, piquancy, or zest : FLAVOR <a people... full
        of life, vigor, and the salt of personality -- Clifton Fadiman>
   b : sharpness of wit : PUNGENCY
   d : RESERVE, SKEPTICISM -- usually used in the phrases with a grain of salt and
        with a pinch of salt
   e : a dependable steadfast person or group of people -- usually used in the
        phrase salt of the earth
4 : SAILOR <a tale worthy of an old salt>
5 : KEEP -- usually used in the phrase worth one's salt
    - saltlike /-"lIk/ adjective

NaCl Vital Statistics

Formula: NaCl
Hill System Formula: Cl1Na1
CAS Registry Number: [7647-14-5]
Formula Weight: 58.4428
Class: Choloride
Crystal System: Cubic
Lattice Type: Face-Centered
Space Group: Fm3m, No. 225
Cell Parameters: a = 5.6402 , Z=4
Atomic Positions: Cl: 0, 0, 0   Na: 0.5, 0.5, 0.5
Density: 2.17
Color: White
Appearance: crystalline solid
Melting point: 801C
Boiling point: 1413C; 1465C
Density: 2170 kg m-3
Atomic weight - Na:
Atomic weight - Cl:
22.989768 (39.337%)
35.4527 (60.663%)
Eutectic composition: 23.31% NaCl
Freezing point of eutectic mixture: -21.12 C (-6.016F)
Crystal form: isometric, cubic
Color: clear to white
Index of refraction: 1.5442
Density or specific gravity: 2.165 (135 lb/ft3)
Bulk density, approximate (dry, ASTM D 632 gradation): 1.154 (72 lb/ft3)
Angle of repose (dry, ASTM D 632 gradation): 32
Melting point: 800.8 C (1,473.4 F)
Boiling point: 1,465C (2,669 F)
Hardness (Moh's Scale): 2.5
Critical humidity at 20 C, (68 F): 75.3%
pH of aqueous solution: neutral
Alternate Names: Halite, rock salt, sea salt, table salt, salt
Isostructural Compounds: MgO, TiO, TiC, LaN, NaI, KCl, RbF, AgCl, SrS

Different Types of Consumable Salt:
bulletPickling (or Canning) Salt
bulletfine-grained salt used to make brines for pickles, sauerkraut, etc.
bulletit contains no additives, which would cloud the brine
bulletKosher Salt
bulleta (mostly) additive-free coarse-grained salt
bulletDiamond Crystal brand is additive free
bulletMorton brand has "yellow prussiate of soda" added as an anti-caking agent
bulletQualities: flattened cubes and fused flattened cubes; very dry and hard; dissolves slowly; mild
bulletTable salt
bulleta fine-grained refined salt with additives that make it free-flowing, is mainly used in cooking and as a table condiment
bulletIodized Salt
bullettable salt with added iodine (sodium iodide) particularly important in areas that lack natural iodine, an important preventative for hypothyroidism
bulletQualities: same as table salt except with iodine added
bulletSea Salt
bulletused down through the ages and is the result of the evaporation of sea water the more costly of the two processes
bulletit comes in fine-grained or larger crystals
bulletQualities: same as table salt but flavors vary depending on from what part of the
ocean it was extracted
bulletRock Salt
bulletcomes in large chunky crystals and is intended primarily for use in home ice cream churns
bulletmust use a grinder if intended to be used in cooking
bulletSel gris
bulletsolar-evaporated salt from the northern Atlantic coast of France
bulletQualities: Hard, moist gray crystals of solar-evaporated; briny; sweet; delicate; dissolves slowly
bulletFleur de sel
bulletsolar-evaporated salt from the northern Atlantic coast of France
bulletQualities: Hard, slightly moist white crystals; briny; sweet; delicate; dissolves slowly
bulletHawaiian Alae
bulletpale-orange crystals; hard, dry; slight taste of iron; silky from natural clay
bulletBlack Salt (Kala namak)
bulletlarge rocks or fine powder; pale violet to purple-black; strong sulfuric aroma; earthy
bulletSour Salt
bulletalso called citric salt
bulletextracted from acidic fruits, such as lemons and limes
bulletit's used to add tartness to traditional dishes like Borscht
bulletSeasoned Salt
bulletregular salt combined with other flavoring ingredients
bulletexamples: onion salt, garlic salt and celery salt
bulletSalt Substitutes
bulletfrequently used by those on low-salt diets, are products containing little or no sodium

Material Safety Data Sheet for Sodium Chloride

Links To Info About Salt:

Salt Institute

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