Georgia BSA Councils and Districts as of November 2013.
(You can find one by Zip Code here.)
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    Georgia's counties are divided into 12 Councils...two of which are HQ'd in Tennessee (Cherokee Area) and Florida (Suwannee Area). Two councils have counties in other states: Chattahoochee with Alabama counties and Georgia-Carolina with South Carolina Counties.

List of Councils in Georgia

  1. Atlanta Area Council
  2. Central Georgia Council
  3. Chattahoochee Council
  4. Cherokee Area Council
  5. Coastal Empire Council
  6. Flint River Council
  7. Georgia-Carolina Council
  8. Northeast Georgia Council
  9. Northwest Georgia Council
  10. Okefenokee Area Council
  11. South Georgia Council
  12. Suwannee River Area Council
Rank   Sq. Miles  Council          # Counties
1st       10,925  South Georgia        29
2nd        8,873  Central Georgia      24
3rd        7,188  Northeast            25
4th        5,396  Okefenokee           10
5th        4,896  Coastal Empire       11
6th        4,576  Georgia-Carolina     12
7th        4,152  Chattahoochee        12
8th        4,070  Atlanta Area         13
9th        2,587  Northwest             7
10th       2,393  Suwanee River, FL     5
11th       2,077  Flint River           8
12th         782  Cherokee, TN          3


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