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Georgia's State Flags,
Home of Good Eats
and Myself

1956 Version

2001 Version

2004 Version


The Story Of Alton's Watch

My friends, sit back and listen to the tale of Alton Brown and his watch ...

Shelby w AB Chrono.jpg (79782 bytes)
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It all began when this man ...

... noticed that this man had answered a post ...

AltonSalt.jpg (12950 bytes)

FoodOrange.gif (9687 bytes)

... here about what kind of watch he was wearing on
Good Eats (seasons 1-4).

What he was wearing was this: a Hamilton Khaki Auto
Chronograph 382827.

AB Hamilton Chrono02.jpg (74474 bytes)
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AltonSalt.jpg (12950 bytes)

This man, however, said what he really wanted was ...

... an Omega Seamaster Pro watch model 2531.80.00—the one with the self-winding chronometer, steel construction, blue dial, and steel bracelet. This happens to be the same one James Bond has worn in several episodes.

Omega25318000.jpg (22515 bytes)

Shelby w AB Chrono.jpg (79782 bytes)

Well it just so happens
that this man ...

... had an Omega Seamaster Pro, but not the exact model that was mentioned above. So on a lark he wrote ...

Omega25318000.jpg (22515 bytes)

FoodOrange.gif (9687 bytes)

... here to ...

... this man to see if he wanted to trade. Well, he most certainly did so he wrote back to ...

AltonSalt.jpg (12950 bytes)

Shelby w AB Chrono.jpg (79782 bytes)

... this man. However, this man's watch was "too much" watch. It had a larger face than the one desired. So he began to hunt down the 2531.80.00 model in hopes of a trade.

After several months of searching for this watch and finding one, ...

Omega25318000.jpg (22515 bytes)

Shelby w AB Chrono.jpg (79782 bytes)

... this man contacted ...

... this man ...

AltonSalt.jpg (12950 bytes)

Omega25318000.jpg (22515 bytes) AB Hamilton Chrono02.jpg (74474 bytes)

... and the trade was made.

Alton sent it to him in this box.

AB Hamilton Chrono01.jpg (98411 bytes)
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AltonSalt.jpg (12950 bytes)

What's even more special is that this man also sent along ...

... the Hawaiian shirt he wore in the "Salad Daze" episode, two Good Eats T-Shirts and a cap. What a deal!

AB Stuff 01.jpg (110285 bytes)
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Larger Picture

GECap.jpg (4166 bytes) GETshirts.jpg (3652 bytes)

AltonSalt.jpg (12950 bytes)

You know who this man is.

But who is this man?
He's Shelby Chan of Brooklyn, NY. He's a 27 year old (2001) working as an interior architect for Muroff Architects LLC also in Brooklyn. He likes cooking, photography, film, art, and is a gadget freak. One of his favorite episodes is "Where  There's Smoke, There's Fish."  His first GE show was "Salad Daze" and he's been watching ever since. He's seen here sporting his new Hamilton.

Shelby w AB Chrono.jpg (79782 bytes)

AltonSalt.jpg (12950 bytes)

So this man is happy, ...

... this man is happy, ...

Shelby w AB Chrono.jpg (79782 bytes)

MikeMenn.gif (38973 bytes)

... and this man is happy to have the scoop. :)

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