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Featured Pick Wednesday, February 13, 2002
Good Eats
Wednesday February 13, 2002
9 pm/ET, FOOD

Alton Brown, I've got a crush on you and I don't care who knows it (including my husband). In fact, I hope more people will fall head over heels for you like I did, and then maybe the Food Network would show more of your Good Eats and less of that "bamming" chef.

Since Good Eats debuted in 1999, Alton, you have taught me so much about cooking. In 30 minutes, you take a basic, boring ingredient like dried pasta, ground beef, a cabbage head or honey and make it sizzle. You serve up historical reenactments dramatizing the evolution of different members of the four food groups. Nutritional anthropologist Deborah Duchon and food scientist Shirley O. Corriher frequently stop by your Good Eats home in Atlanta to shed light on various food myths. You take viewers on trips to local gardens, markets and farms to give them the lowdown on where foodstuffs get their start. And then you fold in all that information and apply it to creating a mouth-watering recipe that is usually just as easy to follow as it is good to eat.

Not only have you found your way to my heart through my stomach, but you've also won me over with your cleaver-sharp sense of humor, flair for fashion and a kitchen loaded with fabulous gadgets. Each installment is built around a mini-sitcom plot. Some of my favorites: coping with your overbearing family when they invite themselves to Thanksgiving dinner; helping a fellow named Vlad overcome his fear of garlic; and a parody of a popular Japanese cooking show, in which the title of "Scrap Iron Chef" is at stake. When not giggling, I'm oohing and aahing over your colorful shirts, funky eyewear, retro decor and "hardware" (Alton-speak for kitchen tools). As a testament to your devoted following, there is a waiting list to buy your signature kosher-salt dispenser and, of course, I'm on it.

Tonight, just in time for Valentine's Day, you deliver a timely treat with a show on cocoa. It's informative and funny with a storyline that finds you working to put Coco Carl, a slick producer of cheap chocolate-y concoctions, out of business. In order to do that, you teach us how to make chewy brownies from scratch, chocolate milk with a homemade syrup and hot cocoa without use of a pre-mixed powder — who knew? Along the way, we meet up with "W," the curmudgeonly "gear mistress," at one of your favorite "hardware" stores, and she helps you choose the perfect sifter. The half-hour is also chock-full of tasty tidbits. For instance, before a commercial break we learn that studies suggest hot cocoa may help prevent strokes and heart attacks. Now, that's what I call good eats.

And you're what I call good entertainment. You fill my head with information that is useful and my tummy with recipes that range from the simple and comforting to the sophisticated and exotic.

Happy Valentine's Day and thanks for making food so much fun.


—Megan Walsh Boyle,

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