Publisher's Weekly: April 15, 2002.
The actual article had a star next to the description. The star indicates a book that they feel is of exceptional quality. It is the best rating they give. (Thanks to Susan M. for supplying me with a copy.)

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Food + Heat = Cooking

Alton Brown. Steward, Tabori & Chang, $32.50 (288p) ISBN 1-58479-083-0
Known as the successful host of Good Eats currently airing on the Food Network Channel, Alton Brown brings an MTV style to food and cooking. He applies his winning formula of pop culture combined with history, science and common sense to his first cookbook. He offers his formula of food preparation ("food + heat = cooking"), explaining each process and food element in quirky sound bites. Starting with searing and taking in grilling, water and eggs among other elements, he uses diagrams, captions, sidebars and footnotes. Each module has a master recipe that applies the tactic explained to a dish and is followed by several others to emphasize the lesson. He carefully integrates his recipe to produce a comprehensive repertoire, whether it's Skirt Steak: The Master Recipe, Chicken Piccata or Lamb "Pot Roast." Despite its unconventional style, this is a solid volume presented in a lively, fun manner guaranteed to put cooking in the reach of just about anyone: Alton Brown + Cook = Success. (May)
Forecast: This has the Food Network success to back it up, and its modern feel and hip approach will attract younger cooks. Brown's 15-city tour should draw attention.

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