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The host of Food TV's "Good Eats" is currently writing scripts for the show's fourth season, and his fact-finding is taking him across the Web. "My show is heavily researched -- we gather 2,000 to 3,000 pages of research a year -- and a lot of it comes off the Web," Brown said. "It's a non-stop presence." The rumor-mongering of Internet life, though, makes him wary of some information. "People tend to take what's on the Internet as gospel, which is completely untrue," he said. "There aren't that many places you can trust." His cable TV show has its own online following, with several fan sites devoted to him. But he's never clicked to a single one. "If they say really good things you might start believing it, and really bad things, you might start believing that," Brown said. He does hit to answer viewer questions on the message board. Now, if he could only speed up his connection. "I still can't get a DSL or cable modem," said Brown, whose office is based out of East Cobb. "I'm still on my dial-up." Here are a few sites that reflect his Internet taste: (Encyclopedia Brittanica): "It's like five bucks a month for everything they have. That's pretty amazing." [ed: originally, the link was but has since been changed] "Anything you want to know how something works. How a nuclear reactor works. How your coffee maker works. How lock picking works. Anything that you can think of, it's there It's maybe the coolest Web site on the Internet." "If it's anything to do with food safety I go there to check." "I do a lot of stuff where I try to resource movies. Trying to figure out the year that's something's out or who wrote it." (online Latin/English dictionary): "I just dig Latin. When I'm trying to figure out where a culinary word came from, I turn there." "Everybody you can imagine and what their birthday is. I find myself drawn to it a lot." "The Texas Department of Criminal Justice details a site of last meal requests. I find this repugnant and strangely humorous. I've got a morbid side of me. One guy wanted a whole jar of pickles. Only Texas can get away with this."

Fans of "Good Eats" can click this fan site to see photos of locations Brown frequents around metro Atlanta during filming:

Site with bio, background and photos: (dead link)

-- Compiled by Don Fernandez

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